June 11, 2008

The Chosen One: Blake Thomas Batty

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Here’s a picture of my nephew. We call him The Chosen One because my parents have been desperate for a baby since about 1989.


Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others.
–Winston Churchill

August 8, 2007

It’s Still Alive.

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July 9, 2007

GIKKU in Chicahgah.

Allen is going there for a wedding. I am going to visit my money people.

We are staying three blocks away from each other.

April 27, 2007

Someone Finally Did It: Made a Mouse into a Mouse

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My favorite line: “It’s easier to fit a small object into a large mouse than a large object into a small mouse, so err on the side of caution. You can always fill extra space with cotton balls.”

March 30, 2007

Ligers are reeeaaaaaalllll

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March 21, 2007

Someone else told me…

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I look like the guy they found dead in the snow last year in Oregon.

James Kim


Someone just told me…

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I look like this lil’ lost boyscout who they just found in North Carolina.



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