July 6, 2008

Do You Remember Showbiz Pizza?

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Mike, whatever it takes, you need to get this set up for your next party.

May 29, 2008

Overheard at The Police Concert: Aging Rockers Edition

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[Applause from the crowd.]

Sting: Thank you!  … I forgot what the next song is.

[Andy Summers starts playing a guitar riff.]

Sting: … What the fuck is the next song?

[Andy Summers looks at him and keeps playing the same riff, but doesn’t say a word.]

Sting: [listens for a few seconds] I don’t know what the fuck this is.

May 4, 2008

Gikku.Com rocks the Big Digits Show

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I convinced a certain man who shall remain nameless to go to a rock and roll concert with me last night. This rock concert was performed by a band named Big Digits. I first encountered this band a number of years ago with Sara, the hot 1/2 Armenian girl. We basically saw them go insane at The Enormous Room to an audience that was probably 7 people. Later, I took Erica aka Laaaammmeee (a frequent and insightful contributor to the Gikku.Com comments section). One of Big Digits took a particular liking to Erica and attempted to make her his groupie. I’m not sure what became of that because she moved to San Francisco soon after that and admitted to me that Boston was a teeny, tiny townie town and that I had been right all along…


I like music/You like music
I like fashion/You like fashion
Guys like me and girls like you
Are always down for party crashin’

If you took some Casio keyboards from the 80s, crossed them with the Beastie Boys, added some B-movie soundtracks, threw in a Phd in folklore and some Summervull locality, plus some wires and discarded motherboards and shit from down the street at MIT, you’d pretty much have the sound. Let’s put it like this: the album Smoke Machines in Laservision begins with a quote from Back to the Future.

If I had a business
I would have a business card
If I had a business
Talkin’ to you
I would give you my business card
I would give you my business card
I would give you my business card

Afterwords, Ben and I walked out pleased with ourselves. And the world.


April 19, 2008

Overheard at Karaoke Night

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Girl #1: [finishing up a rousing rendition of “Hollaback Girl”] I don’t even know what a hollaback girl is!

Girl #2: Yeah, me neither.


Guy: It’s a whore.


March 27, 2008

Song of the Day + LOLcats: End Credits to The Movie of My Life

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One day, as the screen goes dark, I only hope that something as good as this would eulogize me.

P.S. This version of Pachelbel’s Canon needs to be in Guitar Hero.

February 25, 2008

Song of the Day – Still Alive

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We are inaugurating a new GIKKU.COM feature called Song of the Day.  We’re not promising that there will be a song EVERY day, but there will be plenty to come for certain.

Of course, the first Song of the Day has to be the Portal Song – “Still Alive”.  Enjoy with cake.

February 21, 2008

Turn Around, Bright Eyes…

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Total eclipse, February 20, 2008.  And by happy 80’s cheese ballad coincidence, it’s a total eclipse of the heart — the star in the top part of the image is Regulus, the “heart” of the constellation Leo, the lion.  (The point of light in the lower left is Saturn.)

Given that I’m a Leo, it must be an astrological ill omen to have Bonnie Tyler involved in all this.  Perhaps I will sacrifice several mix tapes on the altar to ward off any evil junior high flashbacks.

December 15, 2007

Running With The (Old) Devils

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Went to the Van Halen show last night, complete with David Lee Roth.  The first song was “You Really Got Me”.  Not sure how I feel about opening up your concert with a cover song, but the light show was bitchin’.

Then Eddie Van Halen rocked everyone’s world with some sick guitar playing, while David Lee Roth did questionable faux karate moves with his mic stand on the catwalk during “Hot For Teacher”…

Then the show closed with (what else) “Jump”.

But boy, are they looking old.  Which means, I am old.

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