October 29, 2007

Who is charmed?

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And who is wary?


Buzz’s Halloween Party
10-28-07, 1:31 AM


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October 25, 2007

Re: Driving to Red Rock

John Keats. 1795–1821

625. Ode on a Grecian Urn

THOU still unravish’d bride of quietness,
Thou foster-child of Silence and slow Time,
Sylvan historian, who canst thus express
A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme:
What leaf-fringed legend haunts about thy shape 5
Of deities or mortals, or of both,
In Tempe or the dales of Arcady?
What men or gods are these? What maidens loth?
What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape?
What pipes and timbrels? What wild ecstasy? 10

Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard
Are sweeter; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on;
Not to the sensual ear, but, more endear’d,
Pipe to the spirit ditties of no tone:
Fair youth, beneath the trees, thou canst not leave 15
Thy song, nor ever can those trees be bare;
Bold Lover, never, never canst thou kiss,
Though winning near the goal—yet, do not grieve;
She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss,
For ever wilt thou love, and she be fair! 20

Ah, happy, happy boughs! that cannot shed
Your leaves, nor ever bid the Spring adieu;
And, happy melodist, unwearièd,
For ever piping songs for ever new;
More happy love! more happy, happy love! 25
For ever warm and still to be enjoy’d,
For ever panting, and for ever young;
All breathing human passion far above,
That leaves a heart high-sorrowful and cloy’d,
A burning forehead, and a parching tongue. 30

Who are these coming to the sacrifice?
To what green altar, O mysterious priest,
Lead’st thou that heifer lowing at the skies,
And all her silken flanks with garlands drest?
What little town by river or sea-shore, 35
Or mountain-built with peaceful citadel,
Is emptied of its folk, this pious morn?
And, little town, thy streets for evermore
Will silent be; and not a soul, to tell
Why thou art desolate, can e’er return. 40

O Attic shape! fair attitude! with brede
Of marble men and maidens overwrought,
With forest branches and the trodden weed;
Thou, silent form! dost tease us out of thought
As doth eternity: Cold Pastoral! 45
When old age shall this generation waste,
Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st,
‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’

October 12, 2007

Bush and the Armenian Genocide

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In 2000, Candidate Bush Called Armenian Massacre A ‘Genocidal Campaign’

Today, President Bush announced his opposition to a new congressional resolution labeling the Ottoman massacres of Armenians a “genocide.” Between 1915 and 1923, as many as 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Turks. From Bush’s press briefing today:

I urge members to oppose the Armenian genocide resolution now being considered by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. We all deeply regret the tragic suffering of the Armenian people that began in 1915. This resolution is not the right response to these historic mass killings, and its passage would do great harm to our relations with a key ally in NATO and in the global war on terror.

But when Bush was running for president in 2000, he wrote a letter to the Armenian National Committee affirming that the Armenians were “subjected to a genocidal campaign.” He promised that if “elected president,” he would make sure that the United States “properly recognizes” the tragedy. From his letter:

The twentieth century was marred by wars of unimaginable brutality, mass murder and genocide. History records that the Armenians were the first people of the last century to have endured these cruelties. The Armenians were subjected to a genocidal campaign that defies comprehension and commands all decent people to remember and acknowledge the facts and lessons of an awful crime in a century of bloody crimes against humanity. If elected President, I would ensure that our nation properly recognizes the tragic suffering of the Armenian people.

October 11, 2007

“I can assure you Turkey knows how to play hardball.”

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“Yesterday some in Congress wanted to play hardball,” said Egemen Bagis, foreign policy adviser to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “I can assure you Turkey knows how to play hardball.”


October 9, 2007

You can bet on GIKKU.COM.

Because we’ll be in Vegas on Friday through Sunday.

So stay tuned to GIKKU.COM for exciting updates including:

–What we eat
–Inside jokes we create
–If we lose money or not
–And much, much more
Who’s the Lucky Lion Fish?


October 8, 2007

The heat of the moment.

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Somewhere on Chicago’s South Side, I joined my little sister at mile 20 during the Chicago Marathon. It was about 90 degrees. I intended to finish the marathon with her but I got too hot and tired. So I stopped.

She continued.

September 28, 2007

How I Spend My Sick Days.

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Dear Mr. Palmer,

I very much appreciated your coverage of the discussion surrounding the proposed “Boston Peace and Heritage Park” proposed by the Turkish American Culture Society of New England in order to subterfuge the Armenian Genocide Memorial. On a local scale, it is remarkably similar to Turkey’s threats of closing its airbases to American aircraft flying over Iraqi “no-fly” zones in 2000 when Congress proposed an Armenian Genocide Resolution.

Clinton killed the bill, of course.

While I do appreciate your and the Globe’s coverage, I do question one of the sentences you used in your article, which reads:

“The Turkish American Cultural Society’s letter now could draw the site into the middle of the 92-year-old controversy.”

To me, the 1915 Armenian Genocide is not a 92-year-old controversy. It’s a 92-year-old fact. The word “controversy” implies that there is something to argue about, or something subjective, regarding the genocide.

The Turkish genocidal campaign which resulted in the massacre of 1-1.5 million Armenians in 1915 is a well-documented historical truth—and historians see a direct link between it and the German engineering of the Holocaust, as Turkey was Germany’s WWI ally and a number of future high-ranking Nazis served in Turkey at the time, including Franz von Papen (Chief of Staff of the 4th Turkish Army later to become Hitler’s vice chancellor in 1933), Lieutenant General Hans von Seeckt (Ottoman General Staff in 1917 later to be a chief architect of the Wehermacht in the 1920s), and most importantly, Rudolf Hoess, who joined the German forces in Turkey as a teenager.

Hitler himself refers to the Armenian genocide in speeches, when in August 1939 he asked this question of his generals (in relation to Poles): “Who, after all, is today speaking of the destruction of the Armenians?”

I understand that the Turkish government may consider the Armenian genocide a controversy, in much the same way Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad considers the Holocaust a controversy.

As Americans, I hope we never question the truth of what really happened.

Thank you again for your coverage of this issue. I look forward to future coverage.


Mike Hodgson

Not to get all hippy on your asses…

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GIKKU.COM supports the revolution in Burma.

The protests are peaceful. Note the protective cordone around the Buddhist monks, who are leading the protest.

Next, the army is called in. Shots fired.

Next, here are the fascists murdering a Japanese photojournalist.

Last frame shows him lying dead with camera in hand.

September 21, 2007

Just Cuz…

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