June 18, 2008

Always Complete Your Hotel Surveys.

—— Forwarded Message
From: “Rockey, Kevin”
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 11:36:16 -0400
Conversation: St Martins Lane
Subject: St Martins Lane

Dear Mr Hodgson
Further to your recent stay at St Martins Lane, thank you very much for taking the time to complete our website survey which has been forwarded to me.
Guest feedback is most important to us and your review will assist us going forward to ensure we are meeting our guests’ preferences and exceeding expectations.  Your overall positive responses and kind comments are very much appreciated and I am obviously delighted that you enjoyed the hotel.
Your specific comments on Sonia and Emily in particular will be noted on their files and shared with their managers, and I am very pleased that they demonstrated our core values and ethos so well.
Mr Hodgson, congratulations on becoming an uncle to Blake Thomas Batty, our congratulations also to your sister, and I hope you all have an opportunity to stay with us at some point!  When you have made a future reservation, please let me know the booking reference number so that I may personally oversee your stay, including complimentary upgrade and complimentary bottle of champagne.
I look forward to welcoming you back to St Martins Lane.
Warm regards,

Chillin’ with cool people, style.

Last night we here at Gikku.Com were invited to a very, very exclusive Improper Bostonian event. This event included a GUEST LIST (which we were on), a GIFT BAG FULL OF SCHWAG (which we greedily took), and FREE FOOD and DRINKS (which we happily drank).

I’d also like to note that our pictures were snapped by at least 3 different photographers. I can only believe that we will make THE LIST or some reasonable facsimile of it.

As I keep telling Caitlin, I am rapidly becoming a Minor Boston Celebrity and I think it suits me.


Please note teeny, tiny image of my apartment in window.

Hello, what is your name?
Cool Guy.

March 4, 2008

A Place to Display Impressive Books I’ve Never Read?

Allen @ 7:09 pm   |  Comments (4)
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Now, I has it.


January 20, 2008

Which Color?

Allen @ 10:44 am   |  Comments (6)
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Help me pick a color for the dining room… currently, the walls are stark white.  Vote for your favorite color!


January 19, 2008

Salaryman Reunification Schedule

1.19.08: Mike Boston, Allen LA, Ben Boston
1.20.08: Mike NYC, Allen NYC, Ben Boston
1.21.08: Mike NYC, Allen NYC, Ben DC (Current knowledge: 1.20.08)
1.22.08: Mike NYC, Allen NYC, Ben DC (Current knowledge: 1.20.08)
1.23.08: Mike Boston, Allen NYC, Ben Boston
1.24.08: Mike New Jersey, Allen NYC, Ben Boston
1.25.08: Mike Upstate NY, Allen NYC, Ben Boston
1.26.08: THE END TIMES: Mike NYC, Allen NYC, Ben NYC

January 17, 2008

Let There Be Light

Allen @ 10:47 am   |  Comments (8)
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Garland metal light shade, designed by Todd Boontje (from, $69), draped over a Kvintett ceiling lamp (IKEA, $20). 

I left off the glass shade the IKEA lamp came with and used a globe light blub + the Garland instead.  Best part about this ceiling light is that it has a retractable cord, so I can vary the height of the lamp.


Mike: I think this lamp will mesh nicely with your idea of painting the wall surface of the dining room.  Light, warm gray?


October 29, 2007

The Suite Life, NYC

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Checked into the W last night, and they upgraded me to a suite.  Behold, the “parlour”:

NB: The image on TV is that of Coors Field.

And this is the “chambre”:

Frightening thing is, it kinda looks like my place back in LA.  Except I don’t have such a nice nightstand.  Or a biography of Strom Thurmond on the coffee table.

October 25, 2007

Our fans. Watch them multiply.

Mike @ 11:31 am   |  Comments (5)
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When my old phone died I lost all the numbers that were programmed and my new one only stores the last 10 calls/texts (because it’s not an iphone of course)…so, no way to reach you this afternoon. Believe it or not you number is not even anywhere in my files at work (I looked). Delia, my ace ex-assistant, never quite got around to the data base she was hired to build. So in an effort to reach you I quickly Googled ”Mike Hodgson Boston” thinking, oh, I don’t know, maybe your number is published on Google…you never know, and I hate not doing what I say I’m going to do.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, your number is not on Google, but my search was not in vain! That’s right; I stumbled across a little site called “the geek center of excellence”. At first I felt like a peeping tom, a cyber voyeur…or like I was crashing a party I hadn’t been invited to, but I got over it and read a couple of entries. Now that I’ve read your profile and I now know about this site and I decorated your house, the layers of the onion are starting to make sense — I think you are now, officially, the coolest person I know (and a cool geek with good taste, well that’s just plain rare!).

October 20, 2007

Window Maps Finally Done

Allen @ 10:26 am   |  Comments (1)
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The installer came last night and put up the city map etchings onto my balcony windows.  That’s
New York on the left (office), and Boston on the right (dining room).

 All total, probably took a good 50 hours to prepare the graphics, get the pattern cleaned up, cut and applied to the windows.


September 11, 2007

Ghost-Friendly Interior Decoration

Allen @ 1:17 pm   |  Comments (1)
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I fully expect to wake up in the middle of the night and see undead spirits kickin’ it in my room.

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