June 29, 2009

Allen’s Memphis-Style Dry Rub Pork Spareribs

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Dry Rub
These are all ratios, so you can mix any amount you want, as long as you keep the ratios the same. To start off, use a cup as the base measure. You’ll have leftover rub for sure.
2 paprika
2 brown sugar, packed
2 kosher salt
1 cumin
1 granualted garlic (note, this is different from garlic powder!)
1 granulated onion (again, this is different from onion powder!)
1/2 coarse ground black pepper
1/4 seasoned salt
1/8 chile powder (I like using cayenne, but you can use ancho, chipotle, anything with a kick, or even mild new mexico chile powder; this controls the heat of the rub)

You can pre-mix the rub way before hand, if you like. Be sure to store it in an air-tight container if you want to keep it for a while. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in a dessicant gel pack to keep it dry for long term storage.

2 full racks of pork spareribs
dry rub
prepared yellow mustard (optional)

Take the ribs and trim off any of the boneless meat above the bones, and the flap of meat on the bone side (sometimes these are already trimmed off for you). Set the boneless meat aside, you can also BBQ them along with the ribs, or else you can save them for another recipe.There is a thin paper-like membrane covering the ribs that needs to be removed. Take a knife and using the sharp tip, cut a slit on the biggest bone to release the membrane. Sometimes, you’ll have to work the knife tip underneath the membrane to loosen it. Once you get about 1/2" loose, take a DRY paper towel and grab onto that end of the membrane with it, and pull the membrane off (the dry paper towel sticks well to the membrane and give you leverage). It rarely comes off in one piece, so repeat the grab with a dry paper towel and get the bits that don’t come off in the first pull.

This is an optional part that I’m experimenting with not doing — the ribs I made at your Naples house last time did not have this step, but it was part of the original recipe I followed before and you might like it if you like mustard. Take the cleaned and trimmed ribs and dry them with paper towels. Then smear a light coating of prepared yellow mustard on both sides, this gives the rub something more to stick onto. Of course, the rub sticks on just fine without the mustard too — it’s all about what flavor you want.

Now sprinkle the dry rub generously on both sides, patting down the spices into the ribs firmly at the end. Make sure the ribs are well-coated with the rub! Wrap the ribs in foil tightly and refrigerate for 12-24 hours (the longer the better).

DAY OF COOKING – START EARLY, this will take 6 hours or more
Basting Liquid
3 cups apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup yellow mustard
1/2 tablespoon kosher salt

Whisk these ingredients together well, then set aside.

Hickory wood chips
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
enough water to cover the wood chips

Let the wood chips soak in the vinegar and water for at least 2 hours at room temp. Keep the wood chips wet throughout the cooking process.

Preheat the grill to as low a temp as you can get it but still have heat you can feel — somewhere between the chicken icon and the BBQ setting on the Red grill is good for me. During the pre-heat, have all three burners going — you’ll turn off the middle and one of the sides when you put the ribs on. Once the temp reaches about 210-220, you’re ready. Turn off all the burners except the one of the left side (I use the left side, but it’s totally up to you if you want to flip it around). One thing I think would be good is to remove the grill on the side that’s on — that’ll make it easier to throw wood chips on.

Put the ribs BONE SIDE DOWN onto the grill. I usually put the thicker, bigger bone side closer to the burner that’s on, to prevent the thin side from overcooking. Give a real quick basting to the ribs with the basting liquid. Throw a big handful or two of the wood chips onto the burner that’s on, and close the lid. DO NOT open the lid unless you are basting or adding wood chips from now on.

From here on out, it’s grill maintenance. Here is the schedule you should follow:
AT ALL TIMES, maintain a temperature of UNDER 240 degrees. Ideal temperature is 220.
Every 30 minutes, add a small handful of wood chips and check to see if the ribs are doing ok.
Every hour, baste the ribs with the basting liquid.NEVER flip the ribs, or unnecessarily move them. Move them if they seem to be getting burned, but otherwise, let them sit.

If you decide to BBQ the boneless meat, it’ll be done in 2-3 hours on the top rack. The ribs will be done anywhere between 5 to 7 hours.

The ribs are done when the meat shrinks and pulls away from the bone about 1/2-3/4 inch at the big end. The meat may be cooked before that point, but won’t be tender until the meat pulls away. And you want it tender and juicy.

November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did

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August 1, 2008

Good Day, Gikku.

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This is an official challenge to all: I will play you on Wordscraper on the Facebooks.

FYI: This word FAILED.

My New Morning Ritual

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Instead of cracking open an ice cold Coke first thing in the morning, now I check this website first thing in the morning (then I crack open the Coke… then I check ICHC).  It takes the latest polls and tallies up, state by state, what the electoral college votes would add up to as of today.

November can’t come soon enough.

July 1, 2008

McCain likes JetBlue

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Gikku is an official sponsor of JetBlue. And according to this snippet, McCain (and probably his hot wife) likes JetBlue better than his private campaign plane.

Presidential nominees usually get a plane with their names and campaign slogans before the general election.

McCain had previously flown on a charter aircraft operated by JetBlue.The new plane features two phones, a fax machine, and power outlets for electricity-hungry laptops.

So what’s missing? Television screens.

“I like it fine,” McCain said of the plane. “(But) in the interest of full disclosure, you know we used to have television sets on JetBlue, and I miss out on my fix, particularly when we’re on these long flights.”

June 18, 2008

Always Complete Your Hotel Surveys.

—— Forwarded Message
From: “Rockey, Kevin”
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 11:36:16 -0400
Conversation: St Martins Lane
Subject: St Martins Lane

Dear Mr Hodgson
Further to your recent stay at St Martins Lane, thank you very much for taking the time to complete our website survey which has been forwarded to me.
Guest feedback is most important to us and your review will assist us going forward to ensure we are meeting our guests’ preferences and exceeding expectations.  Your overall positive responses and kind comments are very much appreciated and I am obviously delighted that you enjoyed the hotel.
Your specific comments on Sonia and Emily in particular will be noted on their files and shared with their managers, and I am very pleased that they demonstrated our core values and ethos so well.
Mr Hodgson, congratulations on becoming an uncle to Blake Thomas Batty, our congratulations also to your sister, and I hope you all have an opportunity to stay with us at some point!  When you have made a future reservation, please let me know the booking reference number so that I may personally oversee your stay, including complimentary upgrade and complimentary bottle of champagne.
I look forward to welcoming you back to St Martins Lane.
Warm regards,

Chillin’ with cool people, style.

Last night we here at Gikku.Com were invited to a very, very exclusive Improper Bostonian event. This event included a GUEST LIST (which we were on), a GIFT BAG FULL OF SCHWAG (which we greedily took), and FREE FOOD and DRINKS (which we happily drank).

I’d also like to note that our pictures were snapped by at least 3 different photographers. I can only believe that we will make THE LIST or some reasonable facsimile of it.

As I keep telling Caitlin, I am rapidly becoming a Minor Boston Celebrity and I think it suits me.


Please note teeny, tiny image of my apartment in window.

Hello, what is your name?
Cool Guy.

June 11, 2008

The Chosen One: Blake Thomas Batty

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Here’s a picture of my nephew. We call him The Chosen One because my parents have been desperate for a baby since about 1989.


Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others.
–Winston Churchill

May 15, 2008

Invading Burma: Redux

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Apparently, some pretty smart think tank people in Washington are reading Gikku.Com, because they seem to be coming around to the idea of a humanitarian invasion of Burma. It turns out that the US Navy happens to be in the area conducting some war games, so it would be pretty easy to go up the Irawaddy Delta to deliver supplies to all the people who are…well…dying.

That might be nice.

Time Magazine seems to agree with us.

It’s being covered in Slate too.

Even my friend Robert Kaplan, who’s a fellow at Center for a New American Security thinks it might be kinda cool, as expressed in a recent New York Times editorial.

May 9, 2008

Let’s Invade Burma.

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U.N. ‘furious’ as Myanmar aid ‘seized’

BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) — The United Nations’ top World Food Program official says he is “furious” over the Myanmar’s government’s refusal to allow the organization to distribute aid that was flown in for cyclone disaster victims.

Future flights have been suspended.

Two planes that landed Friday morning in Rangon carrying 38 tons of high-energy biscuits, medical kits and other items were seized by officials at Yangon International Airport, said Tony Banbury.

The cargo is enough to feed 95,000 people, he said.

“We off-loaded the food, and then the authorities refused us permission to take that food away.

“We were told we needed a special letter from the Minister of Social Welfare. We hand-delivered a request to him. The answer back was ‘No, you can’t have the food.’

“That food is now sitting on the tarmac doing no good.”

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