February 27, 2015

Soup Curry, first attempt

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February 18, 2015


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Skewered chunks of food, dipped in batter, coated in panko, then deep fried. One man’s heart attack is another man’s culinary utopia.

Note for future reference: you only get one skewer of each kind in your set, so if you see two of something, one of them is probably for your neighbor.

February 17, 2015

Krispy Kreme wins

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Found in the basement of Lucua department store, Osaka.

The Real U.S.A.

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Mike found a good burger joint in Harajuku called “The Great Burger”. The burgers were indeed great, but even greater than the burgers was the decor. They filled their restaurant with object that they thought were the most representative of “The Real U.S.A.”, as stated right on the menu. Such decorations included:

– a Woodstock concert poster
– American flags draped over DJ turntables
– postal service plastic bins stenciled with the words “Los Angeles Postal Service”
– a painting of a peace symbol, captioned with “Make Love Not War”
– an old tube TV playing nothing but static

Best Indian in Shibuya: SAMRAAT

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The results speak for themselves. The naan is the thing to get for sure.

Pictured: chicken tikka masala and premium butter chicken.

February 15, 2015

Rokurinsha at Ramen Street in Tokyo Station

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We waited 30 minutes for this tasty ramen. It is served tsukemen style, meaning the broth and ramen are served in separate bowls, and you are meant to dip the noodles into the broth quickly before slurping them up loudly.

As you can see from the photo that my hunger resulted in ramen-hubris, as I ordered an extra large portion of noodles (roughly double Mike’s regular portion) with extra pork for good measure. I sit here writing this over six hours later, and although the noodles were delicious, I ever so slightly regret ingesting that much food in the span of 15 minutes.

Pepper Lunch, Shibuya

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Once again, putting money into a vending machine resulted in a delicious meal. This time, it was at Pepper Lunch, a small greasy-spoonish joint underneath the underpass outside Shibuya station. The kitchens are hard at work as we speak, working feverishly to reverse-engineer the recipe for rice and beef served sizzling on a hot skillet. As best as we can tell, it involves medium grain rice, thinly-sliced ribeye, corn, green onions, some kind of soy sauce based sauce, garlic butter, and sorcery.

February 13, 2015

Excellent Gyoza in Harajuku

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Harajuku Gyoza Lou serves 6 perfectly cooked gyoza for ¥290. I must have eaten 15-20 of these delicious morsels of porky goodness.

February 12, 2015

Sapporo soup curry: it pleases us

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Sapporo’s famous soup curry did not disappoint us at Nishitondendori Soup Curry Honpo. Halfway between a soup and a stew and served with rice, it’s a kind of dish that could only have been perfected in a snowy, cold climate.

Pictured here is the Kakuni Soup Curry, with an addition of coconut milk to the pork broth based soup curry, and a large rice topped with “carbonara” (a poached egg and diced grilled pancetta) and a cheese-stuffed hamburger ball (described on the menu as “chizu in hambaagaa raisu on”). Oh, and spice level 6 out of 10. (If you select 10 spice level, you have to get permission from the shop to proceed.)

You order from the menu in 5 steps. Step 1: select the type of meat — hamburger, pork belly (kakuni), chicken leg, etc. Step 2: select the type of soup base — chicken, pork, coconut, etc. Step 3: pick the spice level. Step 4: pick the amount of rice. Final step: select and add ons — rice toppings, hamburger ball, veggies, etc.

It is hard to say which there were more of: calories or deliciousness.

Seafood Donburi at Sapporo’s Curb Market

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One of Hokkaido’s tastiest dishes is also one of its simplest — raw seafood over rice, or the seafood donburi. We checked this one off the list at an upstairs restaurant in Sapporo’s Curb Market.

Curb Market is a couple city blocks of retail fish markets and restaurants that sit near the large, central wholesale seafood market.

The restaurant we picked had an entrance plastered with photos of donburi with various combinations of seafood:

I ordered a sake kani don, which had slices of salmon, a heaping scoop of salmon eggs, and a pile of snow crab (which is also a Hokkaido specialty).

The freshness was amazing. The salmon had a delicits taste to it, and the salmon eggs had an almost sweet taste to them, like butterscotch. It was delicious.

Mike had a salmon, shrimp, and tuna mini donburi:

And we shared a very tasty grilled kampachi kama (cheek):

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