February 18, 2015

Idle musings from the road

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On the best invention of the last 20 years:
Allen: Maybe the iPhone? Wait, no, big data. What do you think it is?
Mike: Fracking.

On what your shop would sell if you were to open a tiny specialist retail shop in Daikanyama:
Allen: Antique astronomical instruments.
Mike: English literature books from the 20th century.

On the rise of China and Japanese nationalism:
Mike: it should be a very interesting 15 years coming up. And it’s all going to start over a random pile of rocks in the ocean.
Allen: A lot of shit starts over random piles of rocks.

On driverless cars:
Allen: I wonder if people will eventually stop getting driver’s licenses?
Mike: You don’t need a pilot license to get on a plane. Well, maybe if you’re the pilot.

On the last person to ride a horse down Fifth Avenue in New York:
Allen: I wonder who the last person to ride a horse down Fifth Avenue was?

On hypothetical ISIS battles royales:
Mike: Hamas vs ISIS.
Allen: Survivalist patriot militias vs ISIS.
Mike: ISIS vs Nazis.

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