February 12, 2015

Visit to the Nikka Distillery, Yoichi, Hokkaido

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The grounds of the Nikka Yoichi distillery were smaller than I was expecting… But then again, I didn’t really know how big distilleries should be.

The place is idyllic and the museum was a high point (with lots of history about Taketsuru and his wife Rita — they are popular now because of a TV series called “Massan & Ellie”, a story based largely on their true life story), but you probably don’t need to spend more than 90 minutes there in total.

We didn’t get a chance to look at the shop because we had to run for the train back to Sapporo (or be stranded for two hours), but we did get free samples of 17 year Tsuru, and the Nikka 10. More about the sampling later…

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