February 12, 2015

Seafood Donburi at Sapporo’s Curb Market

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One of Hokkaido’s tastiest dishes is also one of its simplest — raw seafood over rice, or the seafood donburi. We checked this one off the list at an upstairs restaurant in Sapporo’s Curb Market.

Curb Market is a couple city blocks of retail fish markets and restaurants that sit near the large, central wholesale seafood market.

The restaurant we picked had an entrance plastered with photos of donburi with various combinations of seafood:

I ordered a sake kani don, which had slices of salmon, a heaping scoop of salmon eggs, and a pile of snow crab (which is also a Hokkaido specialty).

The freshness was amazing. The salmon had a delicits taste to it, and the salmon eggs had an almost sweet taste to them, like butterscotch. It was delicious.

Mike had a salmon, shrimp, and tuna mini donburi:

And we shared a very tasty grilled kampachi kama (cheek):

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