July 3, 2008

Running with the Corporate Hoards

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Every year, my company runs the Corporate Challenge, and it’s always a little scary. Imagine thousands of people running down Commonwealth Avenue in company t-shirts that say things like “We’re Welch’s Run Team and we’re going to kick your ASS!“.

It’s all fun-n-games for the first couple miles, but on mile three, no one can really run any moreā€”as a result of being out of shape or excessive beer consumption, it’s hard to say.

Being in incredible physical condition, running between these people was like running between pylons.

Afterwards, my company drank some beers and listened to Metallica on the jukebox.

Enter, Sandman.

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Shoulda been “Running with the Devil” – Van Halen.

Comment by Allen — July 4, 2008 @ 8:01 pm


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