July 31, 2008

Townie Desperation Conversation

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On Yawkey Way, about 10:30 PM after last night’s drubbing by the Angels.

Townie: [Chasing Manny Ramirez’ car, a lowered Mercedes AMG with tinted windows] Manny! We love you! We’re sorry we boo’ed you! Please don’t go to Florida!

July 29, 2008

Overheard on the Acela Express from Boston to New York

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New York City, underneath a peculiar cloud formation.  July 26, 2008

Amtrak Conductor: [over loudspeaker] Attention Amtrak Passengers, next stop is Penn Station, New York City.  For those passengers from Boston, please look out the right side of the train.  That’s the Bronx… home of the 26-time World Series Champion New York Yankees.

Boston Passengers: Boo!

Amtrak Conductor: [5 minutes later] Now arriving in Penn Station, New York City.  New York City, next stop.   …  Home of the 2008 Superbowl champs, the New York Giants.

Boston Passengers: Boo!

Boston Man: [growling] Yeah, why doncha tell us about yah basketball team, yah punk.

July 6, 2008

Do You Remember Showbiz Pizza?

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Mike, whatever it takes, you need to get this set up for your next party.

July 3, 2008

Running with the Corporate Hoards

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Every year, my company runs the Corporate Challenge, and it’s always a little scary. Imagine thousands of people running down Commonwealth Avenue in company t-shirts that say things like “We’re Welch’s Run Team and we’re going to kick your ASS!“.

It’s all fun-n-games for the first couple miles, but on mile three, no one can really run any more—as a result of being out of shape or excessive beer consumption, it’s hard to say.

Being in incredible physical condition, running between these people was like running between pylons.

Afterwards, my company drank some beers and listened to Metallica on the jukebox.

Enter, Sandman.

July 1, 2008

McCain likes JetBlue

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Gikku is an official sponsor of JetBlue. And according to this snippet, McCain (and probably his hot wife) likes JetBlue better than his private campaign plane.

Presidential nominees usually get a plane with their names and campaign slogans before the general election.

McCain had previously flown on a charter aircraft operated by JetBlue.The new plane features two phones, a fax machine, and power outlets for electricity-hungry laptops.

So what’s missing? Television screens.

“I like it fine,” McCain said of the plane. “(But) in the interest of full disclosure, you know we used to have television sets on JetBlue, and I miss out on my fix, particularly when we’re on these long flights.”

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