May 28, 2008

Catch-22, kthxbye

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[I received this instant message from my manager today.  Our corporate divison has had problems making its income forecasts lately.]

4:31:48 PM: Allen,  was wondering since I have other people working on your client – have they capped you at 40 hrs/week?

4:38:05 PM: I am going to send you a note – everyone needs to be billing all of the hours that they work.  is there work for you so that you can bill 44 hrs/ weeek? thx

4:39:45 PM: Me: i will try :-)  but i don’t really have work that requires going overtime.

4:40:37 PM: we really need you to start working and billing 44 hrs / week.  we don’t wan tyou to bill anything you don’t work but everyone in our division is being asked to bill OT if appropriate. thx

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