March 31, 2008

Overheard at a Red Sox-Dodgers Game

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I went to the Red Sox vs. Dodgers exhibition game this weekend at the Coliseum.  It was the largest baseball game in history, with 115,300 attendees.  This was my view from the very last row at the top edge of the stadium:


At the top of the 7th, it was 7-1 Red Sox, and a man wearing a Sox cap and t-shirt pulled down one of the many Dodger flags flying on flag poles around the top edge of the Coliseum.  This started something of a mini-riot, as everyone else wanted one too.  Pretty soon, nearly all the flags were gone, and the police were running up the stairs.

Crowd: (pointing at the Red Sox cap guy) He did it!  He did it!

Tattooed Guy Sitting Next to Me: Man, everyone’s a snitch.

Policeman #1: (to the Red Sox cap guy) OK, let’s go.

Red Sox cap guy: What?  What I do?

Policeman #2: (reaching into Red Sox cap guy’s back pocket, pulls out the Dodger flag) Really, you’re gonna lie to us?  Get up, let’s go.

[Red Sox cap guy gets up and gets escorted out.  The crowd cheers, then quiets down.]

Dodgers Fan with Goatee: (to the Red Sox cap guy, as he is led away) Yeah!  Boston sucks!  Hahaha!

Red Sox cap guy: Yankees suck!  Yankees suck! 

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