July 23, 2007

State of the Ahts

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[Overheard at Hanover and Surface St, North End, 8:15pm]

9 Year Old Girl: When I grow up? I wanna be ah art…actress.

Parents: [Silence]

July 21, 2007

Overheard at the J Bar, Chicago

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Bouncer: ID please.

Allen: [hands over ID]

Bouncer: Sir, you gotta class it up here. I’m gonna have to ask you to zip up your hoodie.

Allen: [zips up hoodie]

Bouncer: Thanks, have a good time.

C’mon baby, let’s do it in the bathroom…

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…and let The Gimp watch.

Go Cubs Go

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I was the fortunate recipient of a Cubs Ticket yesterday. You always hear about how great Wrigley Field is, and it honestly makes you want to think it’s not so great. But the thing is, you go there, and you realize that it IS great, because it’s full of friendly Midwesterners, it’s small, the weather is good, the Cubs rule, and everyone generally gets along.


You can also order get a cold can of pAAp there.

They also have the most incredibly infectious theme song you’ve ever heard…

Consider yourself WARNED.

The Bean in Chicago

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Allen and I walked around looking at furniture most of today. At one point, this trip became very much prolonged as Allen became obsessed with a certain Puerto Rican saleswoman at Design Within Reach. We spent a good 40 minutes there, with Allen settling down into a womb chair to go over EACH AND EVERY design detail of his apartment with the victim.

I would have taken a picture but that would have been smarmy, so I took one of the giant bean in the Millenium Park instead.



July 19, 2007

Live from Corn Town

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Nothing else to report except that I was poured a very LARGE glass of Macallan 12 to go along with my middling sushi dinner.

Good Morning, Townie Town.

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[Experienced this morning at the North End CVS, Downtown Townie Town]

Me: [Placing bottle of Odwalla juice on the counter] Good morning!

Cashier: CVS cahd?

Someone Needs to Turn Off the TV at Night

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[Overheard this morning at 8:40am on Park Avenue and 39th Street]

6 Year-Old Girl: Daddy, daddy, don’t step on the manhole!

Man: Why, honey?

6 Year-Old Girl: If you step on the manhole, you’ll cause another explosionnnnnnn!

Man: It’s OK, that won’t happen.

6 Year-Old Girl: Yes it WILL, the TV said so!

July 18, 2007

Live from My Hotel: Major Cop Action

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So that big explosion in NYC tonight?  Two blocks from my hotel.  I come back from dinner to this:


I see cops in masks, firemen in hazmat suits… and all I wanted to do was get back to my room in time to watch the Daily Show. 

Maybe I belong in New York City after all.

“Abnormal Phenomenon”

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“The army … gave the Fatah al-Islam elements numerous chances to surrender without any bloodshed,” said army commander General Michel Suleiman in a statement.

“But these criminals continued their futile stubbornness … which did not leave the army command with any option except to take the decision to end this abnormal phenomenon by force.”

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