May 29, 2007

Elvis After Dark

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In Memphis, in a mini-mall next door to the Graceland Visitor Center, there is a small, adjunct exhibition gallery entitled “Elvis After Dark”.  It chronicles the nocturnal adventures of Elvis, who only ventured out at night to avoid being mobbed by an adoring public.

Imagine my utter joy: the first thing you see upon entering the exhibit was a TV that Elvis shot with his handgun.  Apparently, it is only surviving existing example of the many appliances that Elvis shot:

Question: Can Parking Be Fun?

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In Memphis, TN, the Answer is:


May 25, 2007


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Lilabelle’s Picnic

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Note “Gikku.Com”-approved hand gesture.

Frisbee With the Rock Stars

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Playing Frisbee : Leo

Leo, just between you and me:
I know you’re embarrassed that someone else
has worn a cowboy hat to this party.

Leo, you seem nice.
I don’t know what sorts of chemicals are in your veins,
but look: you know how to throw a frisbee.

Leo, maybe on late nights
I can come see you sing into the mic,
and I’ll turn to whomever I’m with and say:

I played Frisbee with the Lead Singer.

Playing Frisbee : Pietro

Pietro, forgive me.
I did not realize you were a rock star until
it was almost too late.

You, like Leo, knew how to throw a frisbee.
Having explained you learned as a result of
“college and marijuana.”

I found that slightly confusing and poetic
and vowed to myself
that I would turn your insights into a poem.

Maybe you can turn them into a song.

Revenge of Astro Cat

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In a high-pitched mewling:

“Allen, you think I am merely a cat, but I have many tools and weaponry at my disposal. Behold my position on the plasma screen at The Cambridge BioMarketing Group.”

May 24, 2007

Allen and Mike: Symbiosis

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Allen sends me pictures and I post them.

I like that.


This is Allen’s kitchen. There is something very geometrical and Allen-esque about it.


This is Allen’s bathroom. Notice the “His” and “Hers” sinks.

I don’t have “His” and “Hers” sinks in my apartment because I hate and fear other people.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

May 23, 2007

Something Important You Should Know

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More Allen Bored at Jury Duty

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Allen writes:

“The puppy has been conquered.”

May 22, 2007

The Spirit of Liberty

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Would freeing your rock starlette breasts
from the confines of your bikini top
by pulling a string across your back
mark the beginnings of a revolution?

I don’t think it would be welcomed even here:

amongst rock intelligensia.

(“This Collection of poems is based on interactions with Rock Stars at a Rock Star Party that took place on July 4, 2004.” Michael T. Hodgson, the Writer.)

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