April 13, 2007

“Nothing about our winnings…don’t jinx it.”

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Ben and I arrived last night in LAS VEGAS, after being delayed for 2 hours in Boston, which we spent eating Johnny Rockets hamburgers and reading US Magazine. We finally got into Vegas and unfortunately, ALLEN had not included us on the hotel reservation, so we were forced to wander aimlessly through the lobby of the Venetian, toting our bags like dead animals.

Ben urged me to go play WheelWinners (Wheel of Fortune slot machine), which I knew was a sucker bet but Ben insisted. We started feeding the machine 20’s when all of a sudden, I won $400.00.

“That could only happen to you Mike,” Ben said, continuing to feed his machine 20s.

At that moment, Ben won $500.00.

We cashed out and went to the bar, trying to decide if we should send a limo for Allen.

We decided not to.



Oh yeah? Well I hosted an evening of Texas Hold ‘Em last night and won $9,000. OK, really I lost $9. But I got to play hostess to a houseful of young men… um, none of whom am I even remotely interested in. CRAP. This story sucks.

Comment by laaaaame — April 13, 2007 @ 8:49 am


reno yielded me nuttin but a pocket full of lint.

montreal is another story – i won $20 CAD at the casino de montreal. woohoo.

Comment by tamararara — April 13, 2007 @ 9:44 am


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