March 27, 2007


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cuz we can

Shit Tsunami in Gaza. Nice work, Hamas.

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Three die in Gaza sewage flood
POSTED: 8:05 a.m. EDT, March 27, 2007

UMM NASER, Gaza (AP) — An earth embankment around a cesspool suddenly collapsed Tuesday, spewing a river of sewage and mud that killed three people and forced residents to flee from the village of Umm Naser in northern Gaza, officials said.

A local official blamed shoddy infrastructure in Umm Naser, a town of 3,000, for the disaster.

A 70-year-old woman, 4-year-old boy and a man died in the sudden flood, and 25 people were injured, said Dr. Muawiya Hassanin of the Palestinian Health Ministry. At least 25 houses were completely submerged.

Fadel Kawash, head of the Palestinian Water Authority, said that the level of sewage in the pool had increased over the past few days, creeping up the earth embankments around the pool until one collapsed, “causing the sewage to pour toward the village.”

Ziad Abu Farya, head of the village council, described the scene as “our tsunami.”

Rescue crews and gunmen from the militant Muslim group Hamas rushed to the area to search for people feared buried under the slide of sewage and mud. Most residents fled or were evacuated. Three children left on a cart pulled by a donkey, heading toward the nearby town of Beit Lahiya.

Angry residents drove reporters out of the area and mobbed government officials who arrived at the scene.

“We lost everything. Everything was covered by the flood. It’s a disaster,” said Amina Afif, 65, whose small shack was destroyed.

The Water Authority’s Kawash said Gaza’s poor infrastructure was to blame for the accident.

Several major sewage treatment projects funded by foreign donors, including one in Umm Naser, were frozen after Hamas won elections last year. The U.S. and EU consider Hamas a terrorist group.

“We had a project to treat sewage in north Gaza, it was worked on for two years,” Kawash said. “We built a pressure pipe line and pumping station,” he added. “But it was stopped after … troubles began.”

March 26, 2007

Shooting Shit from 200 Yards Away is Hard

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Went out to the range yesterday. I maybe hit that 15″ steel plate 4-5 times out of 40?

 You understand that we will have to go out to the shooting range in Vegas and try out the automatic weapons, etc.?  It’s de rigeur.

Uh Oh

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The CEO of D.R. Horton (Charts), the No. 2 U.S. builder by revenue, told an investor conference earlier this month that prices and new home sales are “going to suck” in 2007.

My Room is Looking AWESOME

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Al, I really like the ventiliation hood in the kitchen and the master bathroom, but I have to say I am very excited about MY ROOM in your condo that I will be inhabiting after I quit my job and sell my apartment here to come out west and finish my novel a la Jack Kerouac.


Plus, I like the fact that it has doors to the deck so I can enjoy the California mornings.

The Rarely Sighted Bkou Speaks on Vegas

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Possible…how much are tix…Allen can u make that date?

might be a bit of a crunch for me but my competition ends this coming wed.


On 3/23/07, Mike wrote:
March 30—April 1

Boston to Vegas Jetblue (mike/ben)

Pai Gow Poker/Strippers

Tell me now.

Maggie as Zoo Animal

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Saturday as I was biting into a Cuban Sandwich on Hanover Street, Maggie called. She was at a gig at the Bayside Expo Center. I was like, “Should I come down there?” She was like, “Yeah!” So I housed the Cuban and got into a cab, which was driven by a Nepalese guy who hadn’t seen his wife in 3 years, because the Bush Administration wouldn’t let her into the country. (She’s clearly a Nepalese terrorist).

I got the Expo Center to find Maggie under hot lights, dressed in an extra-super-poofy wedding dress, standing on a small, artificial grassy knoll behind a fence (it was the New England Flower Show), surrounded by adoring little girls and old gay men.

March 24, 2007

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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“to sarge: The act of going out and approaching people with the sole intention of getting it on with them.”

photo: 2nd avenue/35th street, NYC

March 22, 2007

A Question About Rice Cookers and Chili

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Allen, everytime I cook rice in my rice cooker, the rice on the bottom gets all fried and fucked up and hard and crunchy. How do I rectify this problem?

Also, do you have the recipe for that chili you cooked last time you were here?

Today was a good day.

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Sometimes my job is hellza cool. Today we went to the studio, cut a radio ad, the actors didn’t screw up the wording and could pronounce everything, they got really good sushi for lunch, and no one totally annoyed me.

Here’s the studio:


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